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About the campanile

The Ambergate Campanile is a mini-ring of 10 bells hung for full circle, English style change ringing.  They are the first complete ring of 10 mini bells, specifically cast and hung for full circle change ringing, in the world.

They were installed in our home in June 1998 by Matthew Higby and the late Tom Chapman from Somerset.  The original location of the mini-ring was a bungalow in Hook, near Basingstoke, called Ambergate.  The bells were hung between the trusses in the loft space above the garage and were rung from the garage.
The “try out” of the completed installation was on 19th June 1998.

Because of the owners’ move to Worcester, they were dismantled in early December 2005 and taken by Matthew Higby for modification for use as a portable ring.  The first public outing was the National 12 Bell at Worcester Cathedral in 2006 when they were erected in the Chapter House.  They have also been much used and greatly appreciated at every Hereford Ringing Course since 2007. In March 2011 the Campanile, together with the Willoughby Campanile, was a featured mini-ring at Westminster Abbey for the Ringing World Centenary celebrations.

The first quarter peal (Grandsire Caters) was rung on Sunday 12th July 1998.

The first peal (Grandsire Caters) was rung on Sunday 1st November 1998.

To date ― 6th July 2015 ― there are 67,525 recordable changes in

7 peals  with 29 different ringers and
25 quarter peals  with 84 different ringers.

We have welcomed 837 visitors to the tower.

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